Cera Disc

Sumflex – Cera Disc
Each materials have different character.We Sumflex have prepared Cera- Disc for most efficient operations depending on the materials for steel , for stainless steel ,for aluminum ,for marble respecting .It is reinforced by steel plate and fiber-glass net for tough and unbreakable construction

CERA-DISC does not the heavy grinding jobs ,but the finish is always better any other conventional tools.So ,select the tool judging from the finish you expect .Remenber CERA-DISC for the better finish

  • For metal
    paint removing / descaling / small chamfering / deburring ,smoothing on welded beams , resharpening cutting blades / blend out drawmarks / rough grinding marks / finishing prior to plating / painting / soldering
  • For non-ferrous metal
    paint removing / dedusting / small chamfering /deburring / smoothing of welding beads, descaling/rounding etc / finishing prior to painting/plating/soldering/blending out drawmarks/rough grinding marks
  • For stainless
    The flexibility of rubberized disc performs smoothly to the worksurface, without causing deep scratches
  • For alumi
    It always provides fresh cutting edges with no clogging , grinding or smoothing of welding beads / deburring of casting / chamfering / rounding etc / chamfering of sheet
  • For marble, granite
    No chipping / cracking on the workpiece
  • Cera Disc Soft