Oshitari Precise Filters for Wire-EDM

Unique and excellent Filter for Wire-cut EDM

Patented Super Filter, Inner Pressure type Water Filter



  1. Unique construction extends its life. Due to larger filtering surface, its life is almost 1.7-2.3 times longer than conventional filters.
    Our OMF filter Conventional filter


  2. One micron unique filter produce extreme clean water and it reduce muddy water when operation starts, realize moother surface of work piece after finishing cut, longer life of ion exchange resin due to reduced secondary electric discharge, increased transparency of tank water, etc.
  3. Sludge particles tend to come off the surface of filter element while switching ON or OFF, resulting into the recovery of filtering capacity.
    Conventional filter filtering particles using whole paper thickness so when particles stack inside, it is sticking and does not come off.
    OMF filter is covered by special one micron surface so when power is off, particles on the filter come off and extend its life time.


Oshitari Available Wire-Cut EDM List