BS33 Belt Sander

BS33 Belt Sander
Sanding Belts are not supplied as standard tools.

  • By adoption of direct connected driving system with Motor pulley, it ensures a quick stop then used.
  • Driving belt can be replaced by quick and easy changing system.
  • By adoption of self-ventilator, it ensures long-time working.


Specifications Belt Speed : 77.7-777m / minutes
Weight : 400g (curl cord is not included)
size : L160 x H119mm
Accessories 7mm pulley completed (BS1-140)
Cushion for 7mm pulley (BS1-273)
Precision small screw 2 pcs (YSF21-113)
A standard belt arm(No.BS1-100-2) is originally mounted.


3 types of Belt Arm are provided as an optional extra for all sorts of application.
Thin-Sizes Belt Arm
available belt width : 4 – 6mm
Standard Belt Arm
available belt width : 6 – 8mm
Triangle Belt Arm
available belt width : 6 – 8mm